10 Healthy Travel Snacks for Your Vacation

Ever packed for a vacation without stuffing in every bag of snacks you could get your hands on? No, we didn’t think so. However, in that mad rush to pack the foods that travel well, we sometimes forget the health quotient and end up carrying a lot of junk foods. Worry no more ‘cause we got you covered. Here’s a list of healthy AND travel-friendly snacks to choose from for your next vacation.


Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, […]


Benefits of Khakhra Sticks

Hungrezi, is a new fusion snacking brand in town. We have a basket of Khakhra Sticks, Dips and Mixtures. We are ready to blow everyone’s mind. can’t wait till everyone goes yumm…. Just because we have the taste factor, doesn’t mean we comprise on the health part of the food. We understand the world is taking a leap into healthier living, which is why our Khakhra Sticks are the perfect fusion
snacking option.

0% Trans Fat: Trans fats act like saturated […]


Occasion to Eat Hungrezi

Food in an Indian household is as important as the people that make it a home. The occasion to prepare food doesn’t matter, from lavish dinners to everyday tiffins that one at school, every bite, meal and snack has a journey, a memory, a story.

Hungrezi has risen from the same basis of an Indian household, targeting every audience, from the health conscious, to the moody millennials, to the traditional tasters, producing a range of fusion snacks that complement the […]