5 Health Benefits of Tamarind You Didn’t Know About

A pretty common ingredient in almost every South Indian kitchen, Tamarind or imli or puli is a fantastic flavoring agent that never fails to impress with its unique sweet and sour taste. Tamarind has been used in Indian cuisine for centuries and is popular not just for the great flavour, but also for its amazing health benefits. Want to know what they are? Read on!

Good for the Heart

Did you know that tamarind may help in reducing blood pressure and […]


6 Snacks You Absolutely Need In Your Picnic Basket

With the last few weeks of winter all set to wind up, a picnic with family and friends might seem like a fabulous idea to most. What with the imminent summer preparing to roast our skins off, it is now or never when it comes to enjoying the outdoors to the fullest. What’s the biggest part of any picnic? Food, of course! Snacks, to be more specific. We’ve put together a list of must-haves that need to find a […]


6 Reasons Why Need Vacuum-Fried Sweet Potato Chips In Your Life

Bored with the same old bag of potato chips? Not a fan of all that oil you’re taking in while you munch away? Fret not! Vacuum-fried sweet potato chips are here to save the day! They are healthier, tastier, crunchier, and oh so satisfying to snack on. They beat your greasy potato chip any day of the week. Don’t believe us? Here’s why you need vacuum-fried sweet potato chips in your life:

The healthier snack

Vacuum-fried sweet potato chips have about […]


7 Food Trends You Need To Watch Out For In 2020

A new year and a new decade have been born and while it is time to reminisce the food trends that have emerged, stayed and even vanished in 2019, it is time to be prepared for what 2020 will bring to the culinary world. Here are 7 food trends you can expect in the gastronomic space this year.

More than milk

One of the biggest food trends in 2020 will be the rise of milk alternatives. They are all set to […]


6 Reasons Why You Need Curry Leaves In Your Diet

A staple in every Indian kitchen, especially in South India, curry leaves have, since time immemorial, secured a comfy position in the list of preferred herbs. This aromatic, natural flavoring agent also has amazing health benefits and does more good than just seasoning your food. They are also super versatile, making it even easier to get them on our plates. Here are 6 reasons why there needs to be more curry leaves in our everyday diet.

Takes excellent care of […]


4 Things to Look Out For While Buying Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacking is a fad right now and for good reason. We tend to reach out to quick bites more often than our lunch boxes, which means that they constitute almost half of our daily food intake. This brings forth the necessity to make every bite count, and not let it carry us towards diseases like diabetes. If you are new to healthy snacking or want to cover your basics to make the right choice, the following four criteria […]


6 Creative Ways To Use Hungrezi Dips

Dips are undoubtedly some of the most versatile condiments the culinary world has gifted us with. Nachos, veggies, breadsticks, and whatnot find their destiny in our tummies, thanks to the creation called dips. They add truckloads of flavour to our meal and make anything taste delicious. Using dips as a dip is all fun and tasty, but, there are other innovative ways to use them to add flavour to your dishes. Let’s have a look at how you can […]


5 Innovative Ways to Eat Your Veggies

You can’t miss out on veggies if you are planning on making your diet healthier. They are packed with nutrients and are an absolute must if you want to stay in shape, have healthy skin and hair, and live a long happy life. If you’re bored of the usual ways to have your vegetables or have a picky eater in the family, here are a few innovative ways to include veggies, making them so much more fun to eat.

Vacuum-Fried […]


5 Evergreen Snacks We’ll Always Love

Indian cuisine has such a colourful and elaborate history when it comes to snacks. There are so many favourites that have made a mark on our palettes and yet only a few ever make it to the list of classics. These are the ones that will always have our love, no matter how the food trends change. Here is a list of such evergreen snacks that will always have our support.


Almost every snack bar, bakery or chaat shop in […]


The History of Chutneys

One of the dishes that almost every Indian is familiar with, irrespective of geographical or cultural differences, is the evergreen chutney. Did you know that chutneys have been around for over 2000 years? This trusted condiment that we’ve been using all our lives to make any bland meal pop has its own elaborate history. 

The name chutney, which is now a popular term all over the world, is derived from the Tamil word “caṭnī” & Urdu word “chaṭnī” meaning “to […]